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Lorz Italian

Lorz Italian

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**Garlic is shipped in September.

Softneck garlic, artichoke type. An Italian heirloom. The bulbs are made up of many (8+) irregularly sized cloves. Typically makes smaller plants and bulbs than hardneck, however, with more cloves, one can propagate quickly and get many small bulbs (each clove = one bulb the following year). Softneck is also used to make garlic braids. 

This variety will not produce scapes in our climate and tends to mature a little bit later than hardneck varieties. 

Certified organic by Quebec Vrai


Growing recommendations

Garlic should be planted in the fall, 4-6 weeks before the frost settles in for good. Here in the Outaouais, we usually plant in mid to late October. Garlic bulbs should be separated into cloves - cloves set 2 inches deep (use a dibble as needed) 6 inches apart in rows 12 inches apart. It’s important to plant the cloves right side up, with the pointy growing tip upwards. Close the soil after planting and cover with straw mulch 6-8 inches thick. And voilà! Come back in the early summer to harvest the scapes (not harvesting scapes makes for smaller bulbs) and then harvest the garlic when 5 green leaves still remain, the rest having yellowed and shriveled. For us, this is consistently in the last days of July or the first days of August.

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