In the news

Here's what some Canadian media outlets have been saying about our organic seeds.

Edible Ottawa

Edible Ottawa, a fantastic local publication, did a feature on our farm!

We loved talking with Hattie Klotz about the trials of farming (she is an avid garderner herself) - and some tricks and tips about organic seed farming in particular.

The article also shows some great pictures by photographer Amy Zambonin of the farm and seed extraction processes.

Read the full article here.

(Left and bottom: photograph by Amy Zambonin)

Hand pollinating heirloom non-gmo tomato for organic tomato seed production in Canada

CBC's Hallie Cotnam on the COVID Rush on Seeds

Here's a short radio and web story by CBC's Hallie Cotnam on the COVID induced rush on seeds and the sudden enthusiam for gardening.

A few local seed growers are interviewed and share thoughts on the global seed supply, the benefits of gardening and the challenge of meeting the surge in the demand.

Read the full article here.

Sowing the Future

A multimedia art project about women farmers engaged in sustainable farming practices in the Outaouais region.

Jess Weatherhead, Barbara Brown and Diane Perazzo come together to celebrate women practicing sustainable agriculture. It is such a blessing to have met these wonderful artists!

Find out more about the exhibit and the artists here.

(Left: photograph by Barbara Brown)

Plant Hardiness and Selecting for Resilience

La Presse reporter Isabelle Morin explains what it means for annuals and perennials to be hardy and adapted to northern climes. For Canadian gardeners, this article contains a wealth of information. She consulted with Catherine Wallenburg of Northern Seeds for her take on which vegetables to plant when.

Read all about hardy vegetables here.

semences biologiques sans OGM en production au Québec

Does a Sales Tax on Seeds Make Sense?

Have you noticed there is sales tax on seed packets, but not on vegetables?

CBC Reporter Evan Dyer reports on this idiosyncracy.

At a time when food prices are soaring and people are justifiably wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, does it still make sense to tax vegetable seeds?

Read more about this here.

CTV with Joel Haslam

Joel Haslam came for a visit to Northern Seeds!

In the short clip and article he produces (doing all his own filming - this guy is really impressive!), he really captures the beauty of the farm and the pleasure that I take in my work.

You can see here the short video clip that aired on June 9th 2022.

Read the article here.

When the going gets tough, the tough get growing

Our favorite local paper, the Low Down to Hull and Back (what a gem!), reports on growing resilience with local seed and vegetable producers in COVID times.

Find the article by Hunter Cresswell here.

How Seed Companies Needed to Shift to Meet Increased Demand Due to the Pandemic

"Local seed sellers say they're struggling to keep up with demand for vegetable and flower seeds as people opt to grow their own food during the pandemic."

Read full article by Christine Maki here.