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Walking Onions

Walking Onions

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**Walking onions are shipped in September.

(Allium cepa var. proliferum)Walking onions, sometimes called Egyptian walking onions, are hardy perennial plants that shoot up with tender scallion-like greens in the very early spring. This is when we like to harvest them best, as scallions. The greens stay tender throughout the spring, later in the summer, the bulbs can be harvested as slender fresh onions. In the later part of the summer, the plants form topsets, aerial bublets, that can be left to fall over and propagate naturally (hence the "walking") or can be harvested, cured and planted in the fall or following spring. The topsets are so much fun - they look like they are straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. They are fun to include in bouquets or in landcaping as an edible ornamental. Hardy to zone 3 and possibly beyond.

Certified organic by Quebec Vrai


Growing recommendations

This is a very forgiving crop. Ideally the topsets are planted in the fall between September to November, but if stored properly (an open paper bag in a cool, dark and dry place is suitable), they can also be planted in the spring as soon as the soil is visible through the snow.

Plant at 1" depth, in clusters of 3-4,  with 8" between clusters. 

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